Q: What if I need to cancel or move my reservation?

A: You may move your reservation to another day or time slot for a fee of $25 within 48 hours. We do not allow cancellations at this time.

Q: What’s the parking situation?

A: We have over 30 parking spots available for you to park your car/bike/moped/razor scooter.

Q: What’s the trash situation?

A: We have a small trash can available, but please take larger trash with you when you leave. You are responsible for returning the studio to its original condition.

Q: Can I arrive early to set up before my clients arrive?

A: You may arrive 10 minutes before your reservation begins. We often have back to back reservations, so please plan to be wrapped up when your time slot ends.

Q: How far out can I book?

A: You can book up to 180 days out.

Q: Can I book a tour of The Darkroom?

A: We have bi-weekly tour window where you can come check out the studio. Email us to get some more information.

Q: How many people can I bring with me?

A: While we love hosting small gatherings, we’d ask you cap your headcount at 10 people per reservation.

Q: Where in Fort Worth are you located?

A: We are 3 miles (5 min) south of downtown Fort Worth + 2 miles east of TCU. There’s great food options + coffee off Magnolia Ave just a short drive away.

Some things we don’t allow:

  • alcohol, drugs, guns, or vaping


  • 50 decibel noise limit enforced at all times

  • nailing, taping, or hanging anything from the rolling backgrounds without prior approval

  • glitter, fake snow, or confetti (unless you want a glitter bomb sent without notice)