Q: What if I need to cancel or move my reservation?

A: You may move your reservation to another day or time slot for a fee of $25 within 48 hours. We do not allow cancellations at this time.

Q: What’s the parking situation?

A: We have over 30 (lit at night) parking spots available for you to park your car/bike/moped/razor scooter.

Q: What’s the trash situation?

A: We have a small trash can available, but please take larger trash with you when you leave. You are responsible for returning the studio to its original condition.

Q: Can I arrive early to set up before my clients arrive?

A: Yes! You may arrive 10 minutes before your reservation begins. We often have back to back reservations, so please be considerate of others and prepare to wrap up your shoot before your time slot ends.

Q: How far out can I book?

A: You can book up to 180 days out.

Q: Can I book a tour of The Darkroom?

A: We only offer walk thru’s for events. We’ll be uploading a virtual tour in the near future so you can get a good idea of what the rooms look like before your reservation.

Q: How many people can I bring with me?

A: While we love hosting small gatherings, we’d ask you cap your headcount at 10 people per reservation for Room #1 and 40 for Room #2.

Q: Where in Fort Worth are you located?

A: We are 3 miles (5 min) south of downtown Fort Worth + 2 miles east of TCU. There’s great food options + coffee off Magnolia Ave just a short drive away.

Some things we don’t allow:

  • alcohol, drugs, guns, or vaping


  • 50 decibel noise limit enforced at all times

  • nailing, taping, or hanging anything from the rolling backgrounds without prior approval

  • glitter, fake snow, or confetti (unless you want a glitter bomb sent without notice)