The Darkroom is the perfect mix between light/airy and dark/moody, giving you the opportunity to create with your style, or try to something outside your comfort zone.

East facing windows provide an even light spread for most of the day. The most direct light begins in the morning, and softens in the evenings.



2 - 8X8' double-sided rolling backdrops

2 - c-stands

miscellaneous light stands

diffusion panels with magnets for the garage door

1 - v-flat

2 - Conway Electric extension cords (10’)

107" thunder grey seamless paper background + stands

rotating variety of 56" colored seamless paper background + stands

2 - apple boxes

variety of stools + seating options

walnut high stool with back

8 - Bessey spring clamps

fog machine

dyed drop cloths for styling



Full access to 1000 square feet of studio space (shared with Grant Daniels Photography)

East facing natural light

Stools, chairs, tables, and all on-site equipment

Leather couch + blue fabric couch


ADA compliance

Commercial steamer

Dimmable House Lights (4000K)

Garage door for load-in/out

Complementary water bottles for you + your clients

Diffuser for essential oils